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Tell Your Hair Story

Tell Your Hair Story is about sharing the greatest obstacle you think is stopping you from starting your hair braiding business. Leave your comment below and write your story for a chance to win a complete braiding training kit. This competition is open to only U.S residents. To be entered for the drawing, complete step two by […]

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Taking The Steps Towards Your Dream

It’s been a few weeks since I helped Roxann open her business called Roxann Braiding & Beauty Supply. To digress  a little bit, it’s been for more than two years that I have been hearing Roxann talk about wanting to start her own business. Little did I know that she did not know what to […]

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Lessons From Teacher’s Viral Facebook Photo of Student

If you are a social media regular, you would have seen the viral picture of a teacher who styled one of her students’ nappy hair and posted it on Facebook. The debate is on about whether it was right for her to post pictures of her students on Facebook without parental consent. However, the lesson […]


How To Dye Your Hair With Tea

The Bible says that grey hair is the glory of old age. However, many people grow grey hair before they are really old. While some researchers claim that stress is the main cause of greying in some people, others refuted that “stress has not been definitively shown to cause grey hair,” (WebMD). According to WebMD, some […]