Why You Are Losing Your Hair



Hair growth is a challenge that many do not want to deal with, especially women who like to keep their hair long. However, a professor at the Anoka Ramsey Community College, Prof. Mike Goldman has identified zinc deficiency as one of the reasons why people lose their hair. Aside from genetics and hereditary reasons, Goldman said, “Zinc is important for hair growth. If you are zinc deficient, you will start losing your hair.” According to the Dr. OZ. Show, “the recommended daily allowances for men and women are 11mg and 8mg respectively.”

Highlighting the benefits of zinc in the daily diet, the online source stated that Zinc:

  • Accelerates the activity of approximately 100 different body enzymes
  • Promotes immune function to fight illness
  • Supports healthy cell growth and development
  • Ensures proper sense of taste and smell

Oyster is one of the main source identified to provide more zinc than any other sources because you will get 76.7 mg in six medium oysters. Zinc has been identified in some protein foods such as meat and bean. And you can also get in from nuts, crab, lobster, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, and dairy products.

Goldman also noted that foods rich in protein and omega 3 promote hair growth. Or those losing patches of hair, he recommended Minoxidil, which he also said is available over the counter. Because genetics and sex are factors responsible for hair loss also, he said that men will start finding out they will lose their hair in their early 20s, while women will find out in their 30s. He also noted that having pattern baldness does not mean that the follicle is dead, but that it “sleep[s] and don’t produce hair anymore.”

Menopause is another factor responsible for women’s hair loss because of the hormonal changes which make testosterone to be more prominent in the woman’s body.

Goldman believes that solution is on its way to cure pattern hair loss. According to him, in the next 20 years hair loss will be reversed by genetically manipulating the body. He said, “It will help women [because] it is usually easier in women than men.”

In conclusion, biotin is another source of helping to retain your hair on your scalp. He advised that some shampoos now have biotin it them, which could help; although, he does not know how effective them shampoos will be.

Coconut Milk & Olive Oil Hair Soft Treatment

The Coconut Milk & Olive Oil Hair Soft Treatment is one of the ways described in the e-book entitled Make Your Hair Soft in Six Ways. After doing this treatment, my hair was soft for three weeks. You can get a free copy of the book by subscribing to weekly updates from Bukola Braiding.

Ingredients for this treatment:

  • Olive Oil (preferably cold pressed)
  • Coconut Milk

Note: Cayenne pepper was mixed in the olive oil. It was not for softening purpose but hair growth. Also, this is optional.

How To Create Box Braids

This video shows you how to create box braids and how to style it. Perhaps, you have been struggling with how to create your own braids with extensions, I have taken the time to show you how to add your extensions, in addition to how to use different sizes for braiding depending on your client’s hair. I have also mixed colors in the braids. I used colors 2 and 35 X-pression braids. I cut it into three parts for this style.

Kindly post your questions below.



How To Make Your Hair Soft

In this video on how to make your hair soft, Bukola talks about one of the ways she described in her new e-book entitled Make Your Hair Soft In Six Ways. She also reveals the secret to preventing hair loss, that is, what you need to do to put an end to your shedding hair.

How To Part Clean Line For Braids

Parting a clean line for braid is a rewarding technique for every hair braider or someone who enjoys the art of braiding. Clean line helps your braids to last long and it gives overall professionalism to your skill. As a little girl, I started practicing how to part clean braid by trying again and again. Mind you, it does not matter where you are in your braiding skill, you can learn how to part clean lines without stress.

As I have shown in this short video, all you need to do is to go over your line again. Sometimes, you have to go over the lines more than one or two times to give you that straight and need line you desire. Another time, you just need the right too. A great too, which I have talked about as the most important tool for creating that clean line is the cutting comb. It is called Ilarun or ilari in the Yoruba culture in Nigeria. I grew up with this small but very useful tool in hair braiding. It will help you even when you want to take your braids down. It is very effective and it makes your work faster.




Make Your Hair Soft in Six Ways

Make Your Hair Soft

Make Your Hair Soft

Make Your Hair Soft in Six  Ways is an e-book just published for you. I mean for coming to my website to find out how to make your hair soft. I covered more than six ways, but I have grouped them in six main ways for you. Some of them are way that you can do with what you already have at home. With some other treatment type, you have to take a quick trip to the grocery store to buy the products listed.

If you want to download a copy of my book right now, you can do so with this link. Otherwise, if you want to be entered for a free copy. Sign up for Bukola Braiding Weekly Updates.

Good luck and God bless.


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Learn How to Braid with Ease

Hair braiding is a skill that has been in existence 3500 BC. It has also evolved over the years. Various hair styles have gone through what can be described as a “recycle” process. Many new styles are only renamed old styles, for example, box braids, which is currently in vogue is just single braids.

learning how to braid is a challenge for many. In fact, several other people braid the wrong way. Meanwhile, braiding can be fun both for the hair braider and the client if the person braiding does it the right way.

You can sign up for braiding training with Bukola Braiding today. Watch a video of the experience of a student who took a one-on-one braiding training class at Bukola Braiding today.



With Sincere Gratitude…

I will start by thanking GOD ALMIGHTY. He has been good to me. I always pray before starting work at the shop and pray for all my clients and the Lord Almighty has been a strong backbone to my success.

I say a big “thank you” to all clients of Bukola Braiding & Beauty Supply. It’s been a great pleasure working with my clients.

Even though hair braiding was not a profession studied, I have been able to meet wonderful people during the course of this great profession. I had the privilege to meet women, men and children from all works of life. I have also been able to learn a lot chatting with my clients.

I have had the privilege to work with Africans, African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Native American.  I do some things with my clients, for example, I watch TV Shows with them, we comment on the shows, talk about what we like or don’t like about a particular show. One TV Show my regular clients are sure of watching when their appointment is in the morning is Wendy Williams Show that comes on FOX 9 at 11am. In fact, some did not know about this show until they began to come to Bukola Braiding. And they tell me how they get hooked on Wendy’s Show at home because they saw it at the shop. Another popular one is the Judge Judy’s Show. In fact, we mimic Judge Judy when watching and talking about her show. She is such an entertainer.

There are others such as talent shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol that come on during various seasons of the year. A very important show they sometimes get to watch with me is the Imprisoned Show, which comes on Comcast Cable Channel 14 in Spring Lake Park. It is a show dedicated to educate the public about human trafficking. My clients contribute immensely knowingly and unknowingly to this show. As the producer of this show, I do not have any means of funding other than from what I am paid from my clients who come to braid their hair. I use some of the revenue from hair braiding to produce the show. You might wonder how? Well, equipment and the studio is free because it is produced at one of the Public Access TV, North Metro TV in Blaine but I have to pay for other items such as tapes, blank DVDs, award plaque, refreshments for volunteer crew members, transportation and other few miscellaneous. I will like to chip in a request here, if you are in the Twin Cities and you want to help Imprisoned Show, come to braid your hair at Bukola Braiding.

I feel at home working with my clients and I enjoyed watching them feel at home with me as we work together to enhance their beauty with braids. It might interest you to know that some of my clients have particular styles that they come in to do. Sometimes, I am able to encourage them to do a different style that will still bring out their stunning beauty. During such “conversion” process, I put my “ass” (pardon my profanity) on the line and promise to redo the hair if they are not satisfied. In fact, I encourage them to go home and come back if they are not feeling the style. So far, I must say that I have not had any one come back to say they did not like the change.

I strive to make sure my clients are satisfied with their service so I keep my mind open to redo my clients’ hair if they are not satisfied with the job done.

Some are even like family members.  Sometimes, they just to say hello to me and check on my wellbeing. They have encouraged me and I have done the same to them. Some will call when they feel downcast believing that their spirit will be uplifted as soon as I talk to them, which usually happens.

I have worked with great kids. Some kids who come to my shop just fill me up with joy inside. They are respectful, patient and just darlings. It’s not that I have not had challenging kids, but in this article, I will like to commend those kids who do not make my work a misery. If you think some kids are challenging, wait until you see some adults who make you want to leave your job and look for another. I am also not paying attention to those. I am writing to say a BIG Thank You to all my wonderful customers in the past and upcoming years. God bless you all. It’s been a wonderful experience.


What cutting comb can do

cutting comb

cutting comb

The cutting comb is usually a three-teeth comb. It is very handy for braiding and taking down braids. In Nigeria, where Bukola comes from, cutting comb is a popular tool among hair braiders either at the premium hair dressing salon or by the road side stalls. It is easy to grip because of its small size. It can be handled by kids and adults. Cutting comb helps for clean and straight part when creating your braids. It also helps to make taking your old braids down without becoming a herculean task.Cutting comb was created in wooden form for many years. You have to keep sharpening the edges of the two at the sides for a good performance. Plastic cutting comb is the new invention in the history of this creative tool. If you have used tail comb or duck-bill clips to part hair, you should try getting a cutting comb and see the stress free experience you will have while braiding your client, friend or family’s hair.

You can see illustrations of how Bukola uses cutting comb in her book, Simple Steps to Hair Braiding. You can enjoy parting hair for braids or taking braids down with the use of cutting comb. In the Yoruba culture, cutting comb is called ilarun or ilaari.